Thanksgiving Centerpieces

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You've chosen your menu, ordered your groceries, and dusted off your platters- now on to the fun stuff! Take a moment away from the Thanksgiving bustle to create a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table. We'll work with low vases 4-5 inches across (different than shown) or participants are welcome to bring their own similarly-sized vessel if they have a favorite they want to use. Using floral foam for stability, we'll each create a low and lush floral centerpiece, pulling on the colors and fruit of the season. Color palette will be similar to shown and certainly include soft orange roses, deep burgundies, and fragrant greens. The class is BYOB so you are welcome to bring your favorite beverage and we'll have all the flowers and tools necessary as well as delicious treats from the bakery. Leave feeling relaxed and with one more holiday goal accomplished.
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