Introduction to Watercolor: Fall Wreaths

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Watercolor is such a fun and easygoing medium that, with a little practice, will let you explore shapes and colors in a whole new way!  Allison Shackelford of ScriptOneFour (and the hand behind all of F&B's hand-lettered signage) will introduce materials used in this medium such as paper, brushes and types of paint.  This class, meant for students who are brand new to or relative beginners in the world of watercolors, will focus on mark-making and different types of strokes used to paint fall foliage. All paper, paint, and brushes will be provided along with some leaves to study from.  Students will leave with a pad of watercolor paper for continued painting, a brush to call your very own, and your paintings!
Please note, this class has a 3-person minimum proceed.
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