How-to Throw the Ultimate Cookout- Sous-Vide Style! Friday, May 10th, 6:30-9PM

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In this demonstration (and eating!), we will introduce the sous vide cooking method and its uses in prepping for the perfect summertime cookout!
Chef Cody Miller will walk through the steps on how to prepare food ahead of time, sous vide, to ensure you have a successful feast of a cookout. In this demonstration, we will showcase sous-vide chicken legs, cuban style mojo-pork shoulder, and silky restaurant style cheese sauce! Whether you own a sous vide machine or not, come and enjoy this tasting and fall in love with a new style of cooking to better help your upcoming summer cookouts!
F&B is BYOB, so please bring your favorite beverage and we will provide all glassware and ice.
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