Holiday Hosting, Tuesday, November 12th, 12-2PM

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I usually end up being the one feeding a crowd during the holidays. Hard work when there is big meal to prepare! I love to have a few tricks up my sleeve by preparing as much in advance as possible to keep friends and family well-fed during the day.  These delicious recipes will feed a ton and take the stress off your shoulders during the holidays. 

Join Chef Joele in this hands-on class as we prepare savory and sweet brunch and all-day ideas as well as a warm punch to start ringing in the holidays!  Recipes may include: cheddar dill scones with ham and cranberry compote, orange ginger poppyseed mini muffins, Holiday salad with beets, Swiss chard and dried cherries, egg and polenta casserole with spinach and prosciutto and warm cranberry holiday punch.  Please bring an apron with you to class.

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