Focaccia, Tuesday April 16th, 6-8PM

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Who doesn’t love fresh from the oven focaccia – the flat and tasty Italian bread? With its harmony of a crispy exterior and tender interior, it’s such a versatile yeast bread which may be enjoyed as an appetizer, table or sandwich bread, or alone as an afternoon snack! Focaccia can be savory sprinkled with olive oil, sea salt, herbs, or vegetables, or sweet studded with fruits and sprinkled with sugar! In this hands-on class, Chef Joan Kirschner will introduce you to the world of bread making! Both savory and sweet focaccia will be made and enjoyed by all at the end of class. You will go home with focaccia and recipes for future use. Please bring a container along with your favorite apron for class which begins promptly at 6:00.
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