Breadmaking 101, Tuesday, October, 22nd, 6-9PM

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Calling all bread lovers! Have you ever wanted to make your own bread but were too intimidated to try? Do you long to savor a slice or two of warm bread fresh from the oven? Have you been curious about working with yeast? Then this is the class for you!

Join Chef Joan Kirschner in the Bread Studio to explore the world of bread making. In this hands-on class you will learn the fundamentals of bread making, including bread terminology, ingredient selection and function, needed equipment, an overview of the bread making process, and so on. You will learn how to make your own bread; dough to be made, shaped, and proofed in class, and later
baked at home. You will also learn how to shape breads, such as boules and batards. At the end of class, the breads made in class will be enjoyed fresh from the oven, with or without butter! You will take home the dough you made to bake at home, along with other baked breads and the recipes for future use.

This class is highly recommended before moving on to future sourdough and advanced breadmaking classes. Please bring an apron to class. This three-hour class begins promptly at 6:00. Time is critical so kindly be prompt!

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