Daily Bouquets & Custom Orders


 "I must have flowers, always, and always.”

— Monet

Whether it's wrapped in kraft paper with a simple black ribbon or artfully arranged in a vintage vase or one of our signature black hatboxes, we prefer our flowers soft and romantic. Blush tones, creams, and ivories are our base color palette and we build depth with pops of deep burgundy or, depending on the season, richly colored tulips, peonies, or anemones. Always with masses of fragrant greens and the occasional berries and pods.

Interested in a custom order? Let us know your price range and we'll create a lush arrangement just for you.

If you are ordering at least a day in advance, please submit your request below. Our florists are in each morning and will look at submissions then. If you are in need of immediate help, please call us at 614-262-5400.

Our Growers

Columbus is home to some amazing flower farms! We’re proud to offer beautiful blooms from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm, Old Slate Farm, White Walnut Farm, and our own budding acreage.