English Garden Luncheon & Topiary Event, Wednesday, October 2nd, 11AM-2PM-

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Join us for our first seasonal themed collaboration with The Seasoned Farmhouse!  Since we first dreamed up Flowers & Bread, we’ve hoped to create wonderful experiences for our two audiences to share in together that would mark the seasons, create rich memories, and tie in to our larger themes. Our fall focus looks toward The Victorian Age, when the Arts & Crafts movement flourished in response to increasing industrialization. During Victoria’s reign, England witnessed a resurgence of locally-made art, crafts, and goods; beauty was celebrated and the domestic arts reigned supreme.  Our afternoon will be an ode to the spirit of the Victorians with a sit-down British-inspired luncheon in Tricia’s English garden. After lunch, we’ll each create a beautiful topiary project to take home and enjoy for the season. You’ll leave with your topiary and recipe cards from our fall luncheon.

Please note: this event is held in Tricia's garden, not Flowers & Bread. We will notify all participants via email of the address and parking suggestions 1 week before.

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